by The Winter Cavalry

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Sky The whole album is great. It's extremely musically diverse, with catchy songs like Starlight and Revolution, heavy songs like Boss Rush, and epic orchestral pieces like Cosmic Convergence. I would recommend this album to everyone and I can't wait to hear more. Favorite track: Fragments of War.
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We imagined, united and created an empire of sound. Now we're showing off our Colors.


released February 25, 2017

Thanks to Lectro Dub, Ice Nerd, Cryoborg, TechnoCinema, 4EverfreeBrony, Cadie, 7YD, Metajoker and AQUAGON for making this album possible. You guys are all amazing!



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The Winter Cavalry

A collaborative music project including LectroDub, IceNerd, Techno Cinema, Metajoker, 4EverfreeBrony, Cadie VA. and AQUAGON.

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Track Name: The Cavalry Cometh
No matter what they tell me
No matter what they say
I’m gonna find my purpose
Nothing will make me stay

And no matter what is out there
No matter what they say
I know there’s hope, and I’ll find
A way...

No matter what they tell me
No matter what they say
I will be part of something

Cause no matter what is out there
They’ll never take me down
I’m gonna form an empire
Of sound...

Let’s imagine
Something together

No matter what they tell me
No matter what they say
There’s a cavalry on the horizon
Take me away
Track Name: Starlight (feat. GatoPaint)
I was surrounded by the pain
And now I can begin anew
I used to be a mourning traveler
Now I explore the stars with you

Where I come from, we are free
From oppression and tyranny
Now I roam the galaxy

Riding on starlight
We're traveling through the sky
Fighting the good fight
Piercing through the midnight

I was lost within the darkness
But now I think I see the day
I used to think that I was hopeless
But you have shown me another way

And at the end of things
This one last stand
I think back upon my land
What I lost, what I'll gain
Standing tall and proud
They're gonna hear me now
They're gonna hear me now
Track Name: Colors
We were all alone
Trapped in monochrome
No hope that we could see
But now we're free

Life is ever-changing
Merging and crossfading
But we’ve found one another
Now we’re showing off our colors

Hues of every kind
A place of our design
One true memory
Remains with you and me

We are finally
Connected and intertwined
Through our colors we can shine

Sky-blue starlight
And golden rays of sun
Bright green paradise
A haven for everyone
Track Name: Fragments of War
You've heard the stories of the heroes
Of other worlds and ancient evils
But you've never believed them
How could you ever conceive them

Run, run, run away
Or stand and fight it all
Cause you can't get away
From destiny's call
Fly, fly, fly away
When fear makes you blind
For the fate of all mankind
Rests with you

You know the truth about your people
Your wars have made world a hell hole
Now we have come to make things right again
We know that evil is in sight again

You must fight
For them tonight

You've heard the stories of the legends
Yet never knew how it all ends
Our world is said to burn to ashes
While all our suns succumb to darkness
Track Name: I Need to Know
I need to know
What the future has in store
I need to know
If the cause is worth fighting for
I have stop this rising tide
The threat is spreading out worldwide
I need to know
Cause I'm petrified

The future is unclear
But you know that I'll be here
Let it be known
I'll stop at nothing to defend
What we hold dear

I need to know
What I could have done before
I need to know
If I can win this war
No other outcome is in sight
I promised the world I'll make it right
I need to know
Cause it's do or die

I need to know
Why it never heals
I need to know
Cause it all seems so unreal
I don’t know if I’ll survive
But if I make it through alive
I need to know
How to say goodbye

What do I have to do
In order to save you
And keep you by my side

The future is unclear
But through the darkness that descends
Let it be known
I will fight until the end

I need to know...
I need to know...
Track Name: Needless to Say
Needless to say
No one is coming to rescue the day
Needless to say
We're all in danger trapped in decay

Fallen worlds
Turned to stone
Needless to say, we're on our own

Needless to say
We all saw this coming but they turned away
Needless to say
It's not very clear how we got today

Fallen worlds
Turned to stone
Needless to say, we're not alone

We were heroes
But now we're just citizens
We were corrupted
and torn apart from within
But we're coming home

Fallen worlds
Turned to stone
Needless to say, we're coming home
Track Name: Revolution
All this time, we kept in line
And followed the laws they signed
You won’t believe the hell they’ve made
Yet we have been so blind
But on this day, they’re going to pay
For all their horrid lies
We’ll attack! We’re taking back our lives

Just embrace the revolution
Their only problem is our solution
Just embrace the revolution
Cause where we stand, peace is just an illusion

Crooked minds make up their kind
Corrupted to the core
They’re not afraid, they’re here to stay
They’ll take what’s mine and yours
So stand with us! It’s fight or bust!
We’re settling up the score
Either way, we’ve come to say “No more!”

Marching hand-in-hand
Today, we make our stand
Flags in the air for all the world to see
When the fight begins
They’ll fall from within
No matter what, we’ll bring harmony